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99% of Cenovus Shareholders vote in favour of our climate transparency resolution

Response Statement – Cenovus Shareholder Resolution vote (April 26 2023)

99% of Cenovus shareholders voted in favour of the climate lobbying resolution filed by Investors for Paris Compliance (I4PC). This support for the resolution shows that investors support Cenovus in their commitment to improve their climate lobbying efforts.

“It is a credit to Cenovus that it recommended voting “for” the resolution and are committing to doing better on its climate lobbying,” said Duncan Kenyon, I4PC Director of Corporate Engagement. “Today starts the process for Cenovus to improve its climate lobbying in support of climate policies and actions that open up doors towards faster and more ambitious climate solutions and actions.”

Next week, we have a climate lobbying resolution with Enbridge where the company is taking the opposite approach and not supporting a resolution that would improve disclosure related to the company’s problematic lobbying actions.

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