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Newsflash: Sustainability-Linked Bonds to remain dodgy

Today the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) updated its guidance regarding Sustainability-Linked Bonds (SLBs), among other things. You may remember the controversies regarding the use of SLBs in Canada by companies like Enbridge and Tamarack Valley Energy who used proceeds from SLBs to expand fossil fuel infrastructure and development – thereby increasing emissions. Unfortunately, ICMA…

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Scotiabank Underwhelms In Climate Plans

Today Scotiabank released its Net-Zero Pathways Report outlining its next steps regarding its net zero commitment. Reaction quote: “There’s nothing in these plans that will see Scotiabank reduce the tens of billions it pours into fossil fuels each year. In fact, by relying on intensity targets, the bank is allowing itself to expand this funding,…

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